Fresh Affair – Refreshing Dry Shampoo 233ml/150g


Fine fragrance root and hair refreshing dry shampoo for all hair types.

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Lightweight dry shampoo hair spray that leaves roots feeling ultra clean and healthy with the finest irresistible fragrance. Apply at home or on-the-go for a waterless shampoo touch up to relieve oily roots for a revitalised finish.

Say goodbye to bad hair days with Fresh Affair, our 1st fine fragrance dry shampoo for hair. With an addictive sparkling neroli fragrance, instant grease absorption and a 24HR long-lasting scent, this waterless shampoo helps you cheat your way to fresh, revitalised hair. Fresh Affair offers instant sebum absorption with reduced build-up, making the ultimate dry shampoo for oily hair and scalps. Infused with rice starch for added body and texture, the Fresh Affair volumising dry shampoo is your new on-the-go secret weapon to fall in love with your second-hair day again.

Instantly absorbs excess oil on roots & hair
24HR long-lasting fragrance, leaving a desirable scent at each hair movement
Lightweight dry shampoo powder formula that sprays onto hair for a cleansed and revitalised feeling
Vitamin E prevents the hair & scalp from drying out, keeping hair & scalp feeling healthy
Rice Starch absorbs excess oil to refresh hair & roots for an enhanced volumising dry shampoo finish
Designed for all women in desperate need of a fresh touch up whenever they want, wherever they are
Suitable for all hair types

Discover the benefits of dry shampoo for the ultimate hair hack to a bad hair day.

Refresh hair and root at-home + on-the-go. Silicone free. Fresh scent.

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